AMB 606 TV Black 32 x 40

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Aadeshvaraas Mat Boards – (with white core) is a high quality mat board designed for Special framers, Museums who would like to work with a Professional touch for mounting valuable Art works and archival Photo Prints. Aadeshvaraas Mat Boards are manufactured by PETERBORO CARDBOARD LTD., Canada exclusively for the cost effect distribution in India.

Surface: Each component is buffered to a pH of 8.2 +/-0.5% and contains a minimum 3% reserve of calcium carbonate for longevity. The surface paper is buffered and lignin free and strong enough to withstand surface tearing during cutting. Mat Boards are available in various colour & sizes.

Core: The Core is pure white and has been buffered against acids to ensure bright white bevels and v groves for years to come. The fibre composition easily enables cutting and minimize blade ware.

Backing Paper: The buffered backing paper with a tensile profile keeps the board flat and resists tearing and archival.

Colours: White and Cream, Eggshell, Crimson, Crystal White, Sparkling White, White, Light Gold (both sides), Cream, Half White, Ivory, TV Black, Smooth White, Chalk

Sizes: 32” x 47” and 40” x 60”

Micron: 1300, 1400 & 2000

Uses and Benefits:  

  • Used mainly for Art Conservation, resisting the effects of pollution acid while the bevel remains white without discoloring
  • Used for Archival mat backing, and mount for protection, support and proper display
  • Lends a dramatic depth to the framed images
  • These boards comes in a wide range of colours, textures and designer finishes
  • Extensive choices are available
  • 100% Cotton Museum quality boards
  • Important and rare art pieces require archival mat backing and mount for protection, support and proper display
  • The deep bevel of a double thick board of the Aadeshvaraas Mat Boards lends a dramatic depth to the framed images


Code: AMB 606

Micron: 1400

Color: TV Black

Size: 32” x 40”


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