Bockingford Inkjet – White – Cold Pressed – 190 Gsm A4


An inexpensive fine art inkjet paper, with a double sided coating. There are no generic ICC profiles for Bockingford Inkjet.

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Bockingford® Inkjet is the answer for artists who wish to create their own limited edition prints. Fantastic prints can be reproduced to look like the original, when using a good inkjet printer.

Artists familiar with the original Bockingford® watercolour paper will recognise the same beautiful surface on Bockingford® Inkjet. It is made in the same time-honoured fashion as Bockingford® watercolour paper using a traditional mould machine. Unlike some fine art inkjet papers, Bockingford® Inkjet has an ink receptive coating on both sides of the sheet, allowing limited edition books and portfolios to be created.


Product Specification:

Size:  A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)

GSM: 190

Surface: Cold Pressed

Colour: White

Sheets: 20 Sheets

Suitable For: Inkjet Printing

Suitable with: Epson, HP, Canon


Technical Specification:

Content: 100% woodfree bleached chemical pulp

Longevity: Acid free & archival, Calcium carbonate buffered, pH 7-9

Characteristics: Water resistance – very high, Internally sized, Inkjet coating to two sides,  de  Fade  resistant prints achievable with pigmented inksets, Drying – almost instant, Natural Woollen felt textured


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