The Collection – Ingres Pastel – White – 24 x 32 cm – 10 Sheets

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Hahnemühle Ingres Pastel offers pastel artists the perfect surface. Designed for this specific artistic technique, the Ingres Pastel 100 gsm paper has fine ridges and a slightly rough surface. It allows even colour adherence without using a lot of pressure, producing precise and colour-intensive results. Thanks to the exclusive use of high-quality pigmented colours in the production of this paper, Ingres Pastel boasts exceptional lightfastness. It is ideal for pastels, pencils and red chalk.Hahnemühle Ingres Pastel is available as a pad in white or nine different shades. The sheets are available in bright white, white, ivory, antique, yellowish, rose pink , brown, mouse grey, dark blue, middle grey, grey brown and black. Hahnemühle Ingres Pastel is acid-free and age-resistant.

Paper Size

24×32 cm

Paper Colour


Paper Weight



Reference Number 10625121
GSM 100gsm
Type Pad
Other Details
  • 100 gsm
  • 24 x 32cm
  • 10 sheets


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