Saunders Waterford – High White – Cp – 22x30in – 300 Gsm – 5 Sheets


Saunders Waterford® is a top quality professional watercolour paper.

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Saunders Waterford® is an exquisite watercolour paper, traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine. This is the superior quality watercolour paper made by St Cuthberts Mill and comes with the Royal Watercolour Society’s endorsement. Made using 100% cotton, the highest quality papermaking material, to high archival standards. Each sheet is buffered with calcium carbonate to help defend finished pieces of work from discolouration caused by acids present in atmospheric pollution.

Its attractive surface is created using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture. The surface is sized in gelatine making it strong and resilient to scrubbing, and other rough treatments.

Saunders Waterford® is a top quality professional watercolour paper.

Please note that while Saunders Waterford High White papers are noticeably whiter than the traditional Saunders Waterford paper, they still have a pale cream appearance. This is because it is not currently possible to whiten the paper to a bright white without compromising light-fastness by using Optical Brightening Agents. The whiter shade of Saunders Waterford High White paper is achieved by adding a high white lightfast pigment with good long-life properties, as used in some watercolour paints.


Product Specification:

Size: 22 x 30in

GSM: 300

Surface: Cold Pressed

Sheets: 5nos

Suitable for: Watercolour, Acrylic, Gouache, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Charcoal and Printmaking


Technical Specification:

Content: 100% Cotton

Longevity: Acid free & archival, Calcium carbonate buffered, pH 7-9

Characteristics: Gelatine surface sized, Internally sized 4 deckle edges (two natural, two torn by hand, unless stated otherwise)

Authenticity: Watermark bearing the name Saunders Waterford Embossed mark with the St Cuthberts cross


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