Sketch Pad and Pencil Box A3


1 x 75gsm A3 100 page Skizze Sketch Pad

1 x Pencil Box (6 different grades)

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The best selling sketching paper with a 75gsm paper is perfect for pencil, charcoal, chalk, wax crayon or even pastel drawings. Artists love the paper for it’s softness, which is due to the higher bulk.

Skizze 75gsm has an extremely fine grain and guarantees excellent colour adherance. The white paper, made from 100% wood pulp, is acid free and non-ageing, and therefore the perfect medium for capturing precious memories or memorable moments forever in the form of a drawing or a sketch.

The 100-sheet pads have a glued top edge. The sketch pad comes with a FREE pencil box, including pencils in six different grades to give artists scope for experimenting.


Reference Number 10650048
GSM 75gsm (35lbs)
Type Pad
Other Details
  • 75 gsm / 35lbs
  • 1 x A3 100 Sheets
  • Pencil Box


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