This is India Only – Colouring Book for Grown Ups

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Welcome to a world of quaint and quirkiness where you stumble into many crazy things that occur only in “Our India” you may bump into a bedecked bride or an extraordinarily decorated truck and other kitschy stuff that exist only here. Each Colouring page is inspired from Indian Folk Art forms in combination with my own contemporary style.

Each illustration is printed on Dacapo 220gsm recycled paper perfect for any media. Pages in this book are detachable, so you can display your masterpieces on the wall or on the refrigerator.

This book is illustrated by Priyadarshini S Jain. Her inspiration for the book is truly, purely and proudly drawn from ‘Desi India’. Having delved into various art forms she has recreated the vibrant and the beautiful aura of the Indian Culture in her book. She has put her heart and soul into the book to bring out her passion for doodling.

Colouring is a meditative as well as an enjoyable play of creativity and discovery.

So spread out your colour pencils, watercolours, markers or pens and let your spirits play

Choosing to explore the tranquil and pleasurable experience of colouring. Enjoy!

Happy colouring to you!


Size: 24×32 cm

GSM: 220 GSM

Sheets: 22 Sheets with Different Illustrations

Paper Type: Mixed Media Artist Paper

Suitable With: Pens, Watercolours, Crayons, Colour Pencils, Markers, Pastels etc


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