Tradition Pad Spiral Bound Sketchbook 24x34cm x 50 Sheets


A durable surfaced sketching paper. Suitable for pencil and pens.

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The Tradition sketch pad has a natural white paper, with a very durable surface, making it well suited for both light and heavy line work as well as solid patches of colour with soft, medium and hard pens. The surface is great for burnishing and rubbing techniques. The spiral pad has a micro-perforated edge so that once sheets are removed, they conform to the specified format sizes. Acid free and age resistant.


Reference Number 10628203
GSM 100gsm (45lbs)
Type Pad, Spiral Bound
Other Details
  • 100 gsm / 45 lbs
  • Natural white
  • Durable surface
  • Micro-perforated sheets


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