Velour 10 Colour Pastel Pad 24x32cm


A unique surface for pastel work, the velvet soft surface holds onto colour for clear, defined marks.

10 Different Colours of Pastel Paper

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Pastel Velour is 260 gsm paper with a unique velvet textured surface which is ideal for pastels, chalks and charcoal. The surface holds onto colour and marks, making it excellent for detailed works and added texture. This pack contains one sheet of white, medium grey, yellow, green, orange, dark grey, sand ochre, light grey, black.


Reference Number 10628601
GSM 260gsm (120lbs)
Type Pad
Other Details
  • 260 gsm / 120 lbs
  • Velvet surface structure
  • Suitable for dry painting techniques
  • 10 different colours


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